What is Partybooth all about then?

What exactly is Partybooth? About as much fun as you can have, that’s what!

Entertain the guests at your next function with Partybooth, a fully automated photo booth that your guests will love.

Partybooth will set up at your event, and your guests are free to use it as much as they like. They can enter the booth, close the curtain and be as sensible, or even better, as crazy as they like. Hiding behind the curtain, and without a photographer taking the photos, all inhibitions are lost which means real personality comes out in the photos.

Partybooth will instantly print the photos, including a copy for your guests to keep and remember your event by.

Partybooth is snapping its way around weddings, corporate events, leavers and Christmas dinners and more all around Hobart. Oh and Partybooth is not afraid of travel either, and enjoys a drive to Launceston and other areas of Tasmania.

Partybooth. Snap yourself silly!